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Unlimited wealth,making billions without making money?

Thursday, November 29, 2007 by Credit Card Toplist

Wow! tell me who is the richest man on the planet ? If I ask that question I will get probably one of two answers Carlos Slim Helu or Bill Gates. According to books or tax returns I would say say neither. They have little too nothing in their own name Because both of them or structured in these corporate entities which allow them to do what they want or get anything they want. So from this explanation I would say the richest people are like the poorest people in the world that are in control of unlimited resources.

Let me add They probably do have one thing in their name which the value of their stock. which fluctuates every and has absolute no monetary value until you sell it.Stock is pretty much useless because who has enough money to buy Carlos and bill stocks? The answer is no one and once they sell their shares it will immediately take the of their company down.