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Unlimited wealth,making billions without making money?

Thursday, November 29, 2007 by Credit Card Toplist

Wow! tell me who is the richest man on the planet ? If I ask that question I will get probably one of two answers Carlos Slim Helu or Bill Gates. According to books or tax returns I would say say neither. They have little too nothing in their own name Because both of them or structured in these corporate entities which allow them to do what they want or get anything they want. So from this explanation I would say the richest people are like the poorest people in the world that are in control of unlimited resources.

Let me add They probably do have one thing in their name which the value of their stock. which fluctuates every and has absolute no monetary value until you sell it.Stock is pretty much useless because who has enough money to buy Carlos and bill stocks? The answer is no one and once they sell their shares it will immediately take the of their company down.

Billion Dollar Blindne$$

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 by Credit Card Toplist

I never seen a billion dollars before but I am guessing it resembles a skyscraper in size and volume. I am sure the weight of it is on par with Rosanne's weight. Just Imagine if a person became a billionaire and ask for a billion dollars in ones ,that would be like the whole Yellowstone national park cut down in one swoop.

So,what drives people to obtain this crazy amount of money,new cars, homeless guys named Joe(we have one of these guys on our corner and he does nackflips for nickels)or could it be an avid status symbol saying I have enough money to get
Regis Philbin to pick my nose. So with this blog I want to encourage you to get a billion dollars or else Yo might be like Homeless Joe someday.

Mark Cuban A billionaire with a spirit of a Maverick

Sunday, November 25, 2007 by Credit Card Toplist

I think in the billionaire microcosm mark Cuban is one of the most interesting fellows. According to Forbes Magazine he has a net worth of about 2. 3 billion dollars which just went up to 2.7 billion dollars.He is a self made billionaire and made a lot of his money from Yahoo purchasing his old company called Broadcast.com for 5.9 billion dollars in stock. Mark Cuban was smart so diversified it into many investments knowing of he dot-com bubble would pop.Also with that transaction it landed him The Guinness Book of World Records for having making the largest e-commerence transaction. All that a side he is best known for his ownership of the Dallas mavericks. He is very much involved with his team ,going to almost every game and starting with numerous referees and getting fined nearly $1,665,000 .Also, he matches every dollar he is fined and gives to respectable charities. You pretty much see why he is not worth 5.9 billion dollars st he moment. He owns numerous internet based companies and owns highly trafficked blog which releases team and personal commentary

Billionaires control the world!

by Credit Card Toplist

Their are over 946 Billionaire are across the world, 30% of them reside in the United States alone! That means these poeple represent 11% of of the Gdp. So, all the money In the USA was once touched at one point of time or another by one of these philanthropist hitter. I remember going back to the eighties when a million dollars was a substantial amount of money where only a few were in control of such wealth.

Now more than 8.4 million people in the USA have that type of money and there are a lot of people who hide behind corporate entities which in term would make the number over 20 million individuals. That explains why America is probably the world's most powerful country and home of the most powerful military. With this blog I am going to create a window of the lives of billionaires and their hefty net worths so prepare yourself for this elaborate ride.