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Billionaires control the world!

Sunday, November 25, 2007 by Credit Card Toplist

Their are over 946 Billionaire are across the world, 30% of them reside in the United States alone! That means these poeple represent 11% of of the Gdp. So, all the money In the USA was once touched at one point of time or another by one of these philanthropist hitter. I remember going back to the eighties when a million dollars was a substantial amount of money where only a few were in control of such wealth.

Now more than 8.4 million people in the USA have that type of money and there are a lot of people who hide behind corporate entities which in term would make the number over 20 million individuals. That explains why America is probably the world's most powerful country and home of the most powerful military. With this blog I am going to create a window of the lives of billionaires and their hefty net worths so prepare yourself for this elaborate ride.