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Billion Dollar Blindne$$

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 by Credit Card Toplist

I never seen a billion dollars before but I am guessing it resembles a skyscraper in size and volume. I am sure the weight of it is on par with Rosanne's weight. Just Imagine if a person became a billionaire and ask for a billion dollars in ones ,that would be like the whole Yellowstone national park cut down in one swoop.

So,what drives people to obtain this crazy amount of money,new cars, homeless guys named Joe(we have one of these guys on our corner and he does nackflips for nickels)or could it be an avid status symbol saying I have enough money to get
Regis Philbin to pick my nose. So with this blog I want to encourage you to get a billion dollars or else Yo might be like Homeless Joe someday.