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The top ten things a billionaire can do with chocolate! yum yum

Monday, December 3, 2007 by Credit Card Toplist

Chocolate is called ambrosia of the gods one of the most valuable resource in the world today of course by my opinion. Man If I had a billion dollars I would so many things with chocolate
here are my top ten things
10. make a replica of Herbie and drive him to Tijuana where I would drink chocolate margaritas.
9.Have snickers change their name o chocolate coated nuts
8.Create a chocolate show depicting Dawson's Creek and have Katie Holmes Played by chocolate doughnut of course with a cream filling.
7.Get a pair of chocolate coated teeth with feelings so I can always have the taste of it in my mouth
6. Set up O.J. Simpson with a nestle crunch bar
5.Dip Michael Jackson in chocolate so he could be black again. Like in the 80's
4.mmmmmm.................... chocolate
3. Have a National Holiday called Willy Wonka day which celebrated on the anniversary of charlie and the chocolate factory
2. Create a Giant statue of Jessica Simpson and eat her out.
Drum roll s please
1.Turn the black sea to dark brown chocolate sea and swim in it until I have more chins than Rosie O'donald